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Montbretia works with donors and national governments to improve the relevance, coherence and effectiveness or a broad spread of strategy and programming in security and stabilisation. The overall goal of our work is to enable legitimate governance, security and justice for all citizens of the state, reduce conflict or the risk of conflict, and lay the foundations for improved economic and social development.


Our work in migration aims to increase the overall understanding of the complexity of migration in Europe, Central Asia and Africa. The services Montbretia provides include the analysis of migration and border policies, assessments of migration and inclusion-related institutions, exploring the migration-security nexus, capacity building and the design of programming that enhances the rights of migrants and increases social cohesion in...

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Globally, members of vulnerable groups encounter the dichotomy of encountering complex barriers to social and economic inclusion, while at the same time harbouring the potential to be powerful change agents and progressive forces in society. In the case of some groups this includes the potential to be net contributors to local and national economies. Children and youth, LGBTI persons, older people, members of ethnic and religious minority...