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Minority and Vulnerable Groups

Globally, members of vulnerable groups encounter the dichotomy of encountering complex barriers to social and economic inclusion, while at the same time harbouring the potential to be powerful change agents and progressive forces in society. In the case of some groups this includes the potential to be net contributors to local and national economies. Children and youth, LGBTI persons, older people, members of ethnic and religious minority communities, migrants and other (often intersecting) marginal groups can occupy hidden corners not just in development strategy but also in the national social and economic inclusion policies of economically developed nations.

Barriers and risks to protection include conflict, SGBV, displacement and discrimination. They affect members of vulnerable groups globally, across developed and developing economies where Montbretia works with key actors to help address barriers and risks to protection, participation and human rights. We work to create social change with and for children, youth and vulnerable groups. Montbretia delivers analytical services to help donors deliver innovative programme promoting human rights and social, economic and political participation. We design strategy and programming to enable governments as duty bearers to protect members of vulnerable groups and empower them to fully participate in society.

Child Migrants Europe


Globally children are disproportionately affected by an array of barriers to the enjoyment of their rights. These barriers range from conflict and violence, harmful traditional practices, labour exploitation, and separation from family and guardians during migration.

Montbretia supports donors and institutional duty bearers in their role vis-a-vis the rights of the child. Services include mapping vulnerabilities and threats to children in FCV and developed environments, programme design to promote child rights and inclusion, strategy development to protect vulnerable sub-groups of children including child migrants and ethnic minority children, and social change modelling, planning and evaluation for stakeholders working to protect and enable children across all social and economic sectors.



'Youth' like 'Child' is an deceptively simple term that in reality encompasses a hugely diverse population across developing and developed contexts. Often confined to opaque corners of strategy and programming, the responsibilities of duty bearers to protect and empower youth, and the potential of youth to enable social change can be lost.

Montbretia provides services to donors, governments and actors that interrogate the assumptions behind strategy, policy and programming affecting youth. We assist in devising and evaluating programmatic interventions including confidence building between conflict affected youth, institutional empowerment of youth and minority youth (such as LGBTI youth) through CSOs and NGOs, and the economic inclusion of youth in developed and developing economies.


Vulnerability and Empowerment

The need to challenge vulnerability, secure the enjoyment of fundamental rights, and ensure empowerment and participation is relevant to all vulnerable groups. These groups are internally diverse and members can experience intersecting social and economic vulnerabilities that leave them at risk of marginalisation and harm.

Montbretia provides advisory services that assess vulnerabilities and assist duty bearers explore the rights-based and economic arguments for challenging vulnerability. We interrogate existing strategies and policy and assist donors and duty bearers think though the often complex social and economic contexts where vulnerability and harm emerge. Target beneficiaries include older people and ethnic minority communities.

Working with Vulnerable Groups

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