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Security and Stabilisation

Montbretia works with donors and national governments to improve the relevance, coherence and effectiveness or a broad spread of strategy and programming in security and stabilisation. The overall goal of our work is to enable legitimate governance, security and justice for all citizens of the state, reduce conflict or the risk of conflict, and lay the foundations for improved economic and social development.



Services provided range from conducting pre-DDR assessments, designing DDR/CVR programming and creating DDR/CVR programme monitoring and evaluation frameworks. Also, Montbretia implements programme evaluation and national and regional impact assessments.



Services provided include community profiling, economic, social and market analysis, institutional mapping and assessments, and analysis of governance institutions, policy and performance. Montbretia assists donors map the pathways from conflict reduction to stabilisation.



Services provided include political economy analysis and strategic assessments of FCV environments including atypical ones such as frozen conflicts. This enables responses to real conditions in country with the end objective of increasing the success and the efficiency of donor-assisted interventions

Working in Conflict and Stabilisation

For more information on our work in conflict and stabilisation please connect via email.